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I am a self-taught photographer having used a film camera since my early teenage years... many years ago. However, it was later working as an Australian Journalist/TV Producer and Director that I sort to develop my own style.


I still work in film, preferring to do it 'in the camera' rather than digital photography with all its tempting manipulation.


My style has been described as more classical than avant-guard. I like the photographers of the earlier eras with their images of beautiful simplicity and elegance of style.


Thanks to my journalism career, my photography sometimes takes the form of photojournalism or portraits.

My figure photography comes from my years of Life Drawing classes.


The more 'art' photography themes are a classic example of somebody who has retired but has not always stayed on his medication!

Two things motivate me to take a photograph; the light and the subject matter.

With light, I look at how it falls on or influences the subject.

Subject matter is usually more clear cut. If it's good enough to have an impact on my perception of life, and the world, it's worth the shot.

Sometimes both the light and/or the subject matter aren't so clear cut so you just have to go for it! There are no rules in any art form.


I enjoy the discipline of film where you have to really think about a shot before taking it, as there are only so many frames on a roll. Either you've got it or you haven't.


A fellow journalist once asked if I still shot on film because I was old or arty. Certainly the former is correct and I'll leave it to others to decide about the latter.

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